Phoenix Office

I would like to begin with thanking our patients for your understanding during this very challenging time.  We understand that the past few months have been particularly stressful for you.  At Arizona Pulmonary Specialists we are working hard to continue delivering the best care and at the same time minimizing your exposure to the healthcare environment.  We are firm believers in the importance of social distancing.  This means not socializing, avoiding people outside of your immediate family and avoiding the healthcare environment. 

Over the past three months the situation in Phoenix has been changing rapidly.  In May we saw a nice decline in cases and decrease in hospitalization rates.  As a result, we decided to gradually reopen our office for patient visits.  Unfortunately, over the past two weeks the valley has seen a large surge in COVID-19.  Although the state government has not returned to sheltering in place, we believe that the risk to our patients and staff has risen to the level that we must return to telemedicine (virtual visits) in order to protect you.  Our physicians are working around the clock caring for patients gravely ill with COVID-19 and our commitment to you is that we make decisions that minimize your risk of acquiring this terrible disease. 

We understand that telemedicine is at times frustrating and lacks the “personal touch” of in-person care.  However, as we balance the risks and benefits to you and our staff, we believe that until the level of community spread decreases the cautious pathway is to utilize technology to continue to deliver great care to you.  We re-evaluate the extent of COVID on a daily basis and our leadership meets weekly to consider when it will be appropriate to re-open to in-office visits.  Rest assured that we strongly prefer the old way of doing things.

For our patients that are struggling to use the new technologies to connect with us, we will work tirelessly to find solutions that allow us to care for you. 



Arizona Pulmonary Specialists