Pneumonia is a very common acute lung problem.  It is caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infection of the lungs.  Typical symptoms are fever and cough.  Symptoms usually develop quickly.  If your immune system is impaired by certain medications such as steroids or other chronic lung problems, you may be at increased risk for certain types of pneumonia. 

Pneumonia is diagnosed by taking a history, performing a physical exam and usually taking a chest X-ray.  Occasionally, other tests are needed such as CT scanning of the chest or bronchoscopy.  A major responsibility of your lung doctor is to ensure your diagnosis of pneumonia is accurate.  Pneumonia that does not respond to antibiotics requires a more comprehensive evaluation.  There are many diseases that can mimic pneumonia.

The treatment of pneumonia depends on the specific type but usually involves antibiotics.  In Arizona, Valley Fever (a fungal lung infection) is particularly common.  If you are not getting better, blood tests can be sent to help make this diagnosis. 

The lung doctors at Arizona Pulmonary Specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia.   Our team of doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists will work with you to ensure that your diagnosis is correct and that you understand your medications and other treatments.